DJI FPV Accessories in 2021

A Post by: PGYTECH


DJI has launched the FPV on March 2nd. The innovation of drones gives you more possibilities to explore aerial video creation. Besides technological improvements, some smart designs have also been updated to fully realize the potential of your creative ideas. Choose something extra to make a big difference.


ND Filter Set(4,8,16) For DJI FPV

Control your light and create smooth videos

ND filters for DJI FPV


  • Works on DJI FPV
  • Uses SCHOTT glass for high-definition images
  • Water, oil & scratch resistant
  • Reduces exposure without color shifts
  • Easy to dismount
  • Ultra light yet robust

Creative photographers use ND filters to block the amount of light entering their camera by slowing down shutter speeds to create the optimal exposure. They also help to inspire the creator while making creative aerial content.

By adding a motion blur, ND filters allow you to use long exposure times with which to create stunning video footage of buttery smooth water while flying across rivers. The optical SCHOTT glass creates high-definition images no matter the flying conditions.

You can also use ND filters to create the correct exposure to capture moving vehicles and create nighttime light trails. The ultra light filter doesn’t affect your drone or gimbal.

Add these DJI FPV accessories to your camera bag and see how easy it is to create cinematic images.

The ND Filter Set(4,8,16) For DJI FPV starts at $69.9


Safety Carrying Case For DJI FPV

Professional protection: sturdy & waterproof

Safety case for DJI FPV


  • EVA shock-proof lining offers increased protection
  • Efficient storage set-up
  • Waterproof rating of IP67 (which means a closed case can be submerged 1 meter underwater without water entering)
  • Easy and safe to open during altitude and temperature changes

To fully experience the joy of the DJI FPV, you’ll need to carry some gear. Therefore, a carrying case to keep your drone and gimbal safe is necessary.

The DJI FPV safety carrying case is designed for professional protection. The CNC-engineered, high-quality EVA lining offers a snug fit and ultimate protection.

The smart layout allows you to store a DJI FPV, charger, battery charging hub, a set of propellers, three batteries, remote controller and charger accessories, FPV goggles, and its charger accessories, DJI motion controller.

The Safety Carrying Case For DJI FPV starts at $129.9


 OneGo Backpack For DJI FPV

Professional and stylish, whenever wherever

DJI FPV accessory OneGo backpack


  • Looks stylish and be ready to shoot within seconds with OneGo
  • ModulePro system offers customizable storage
  • PU coating, scratch/water/dust/shock resistant
  • 180° opening to give you full access to your bag’s contents
  • Sideway easy access
  • AIRLIFT System: reduces the pressure on your shoulders with up to 50%

We believe that a good backpack should be superior in both looks and functionalities. OneGo is perfect for when you’re shooting on location and need to quickly grab your drone. Its 180° opening allows for easy access to your gear while its stylish looks make it look appropriate for a variety of occasions. Enjoy your creative journey without any limits.

The OneGo Backpack starts at $219


OneMo Backpack For DJI FPV

Holds all your creative tools without holding you back

DJI FPV accessory OneMo backpack


  • Two-in-one bag. Carry the main bag or the built-in pouch as a shoulder bag
  • Protective interior
  • Polyester fiber material, scratch/water-resistant
  • Contains expandable storage space with a maximum capacity up to 35 L
  • Two side entryways to the main compartment

It’s important to have a good backpack to store and protect your drone and other gear when you’re out traveling and creating captivating aerial content. OneMo’s quality materials guarantee that your equipment is kept safe and dry. Different journeys may require different needs so OneMo’s fully customizable compartments allow you to organize your drone and other gear as you see fit. The built-in pouch even gives you the option to only carry your drone when you want to travel light.

The OneMo Backpack starts at $199.9



Landing Pad For DJI FPV

Safely land your drone, no matter the location.

Different size landing pad for DJI FPV

Different size landing pad for DJI FPV


  • Works on any type of terrain
  • High-quality PU waterproof material, high precision printing, UV resistant
  • Two side colors, easy to clean
  • Easy to fold. Light and portable, easy to use and carry
  • LANDING PAD PRO FOR DRONES: 50cm*50cm extend dimensions

Your drone needs to land smoothly after finishing its flight. Our landing pad series has been specifically designed for drones. The PU double-sided coating, featuring two colors, helps you find the right location and prevent dust and debris from entering your drone. We offer variously sized landing pads for your drone:

LANDING PAD PRO FOR DRONES (50cm*50cm extend dimension) or the bigger sized LANDING PAD FOR DRONES with 55CM/75CM/110CM.

Just unfold your pad and enjoy a perfect landing, every time!

The Landing Pad Pro starts at $19.9

The 55CM/75CM/110CM Landing Pad for Drones starts at $14.9


Lens Cleaning Pen For DJI FPV

Crystal clear vision makes flying more exciting

Cleaning pen for DJI FPV lens


  • Cleaning pen designed especially for drones and filters
  • Aerospace aluminum material, light and durable
  • Double-ended tips.The brush head cleans the dust from surfaces, lenses, and screens; toner head removes fingerprints, watermarks, grease on lenses or filters

You must’ve noticed that dust, fingerprints, or smudges are, unfortunately, an unavoidable part of aerial shooting. Those little annoying marks affect your images. To keep your lens clean and help you create good quality photography, our lens cleaning pen offers the perfect solution. Our double-ended tip helps you clean even stubborn smudges. The soft brush head can do a more precise job, allowing you to remove dust in the rims of your lens. The gentle suede toner head accurately removes fingerprints or watermarks from your lenses without damaging your fragile lens coating.  

The Lens Cleaning Pen starts at $14.9


Photography Gloves For DJI FPV

Boundless and Warmness

 Gloves for  DJI FPV 


  • 3M thinsulate cotton is extremely warm yet lightweight
  • High quality material, waterproof & HIPORA lining is breathable and wind-proof
  • Smart 3 finger cutouts to maximize dexterity. Control your drone without having to take off your gloves
  • Touchscreen compatible to allow you to operate touchscreens with your gloves on

For landscape lovers, winter is the perfect time to capture completely different landscapes compared to other seasons. From snowy mountains, frozen rivers to cozy city winter lights, many opportunities to create stunning visuals. To better control your FPV in cold photographers haveweather, however, you need a pair of professional gloves to keep your hands warm and your fingers flexible.

PGYTECH’s 3M Thinsulate gloves ensure you won’t get cold hands during winter. The outer part is water resistant allowing you to shoot no matter how cold your surroundings are. Unlike the magnet finger design, which affects your drone’s performance, the smart 3 finger cutout makes it easy to access your setup and control your drone while minimizing the influence on your drone.

Get a pair of gloves and enjoy your winter creations.

The Photography Gloves starts at $39.9


Carrying Case For DJI FPV

Organize your DJI FPV batteries and accessories

DJI FPV Carrying case


  • Sturdy EVA nylon fabric creating a waterproof shell
  • Customizable partitions
  • Small and lightweight while maximizing storage capacity

Sometimes, you just want to focus on aerial shooting and don’t need too many extra gear. The PGYTECH carrying case offers the perfect solution. The smart layout and water-resistant materials make the case a perfect fit for DJI FPV batteries and battery charging hub, battery to power bank adapter, goggles battery, spare propellers, Cables, SD Cards, etc.

The Carrying Case starts at $29.9