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I want to show you the nuances of what makes this little tripod my favorite new piece of kit for 2022.
This is one of those items that ends up in everyone's my top five favorite pieces of equipment for 2022. It's a good solution.

I've been impressed by the PGYTECH OneMo backpack from start to end. It is an excellent backpack option for filmmakers. The build quality is reassuring, and a lifetime warranty backs the OneMo.

It’s so versatile. I can pretty comfortably say this is going to be my new daily travel tripod.

his bag is a really great camera bag for any outdoor photographer.Whilst more serious professionals might need a bigger bag for all of their equipment, this is more of an everyday bag that would be perfect for a travel photographer like me.

Designed for professional creatives whether on a photographic assignment, traveling or commuting, the OneGo Backpack(opens in new tab) from PGYTECH offers stylish storage that's easy to access, fully customizable, comfortable to wear, and offers protection and security.

PGYTECH carries a large line of accessories to make camera gear easier to use. Beyond drone and action camera accessories, they're now offering a stylish camera bag. The OneMo is a highly configurable 25L backpack that is expandable up to 35L with some great features that make it one of the most versatile bags I've tried.



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