DJI Air 2S Best Accessories In 2021

A Post by: PGYTECH


DJI has launched the AIR 2S on April 15th. The innovation in drones gives you more possibilities to explore aerial video creation. Besides technological improvement, smart designs have also been updated to fully realize the potential of your creative ideas. Check out the accessories for your DJI AIR 2S.

1. Filter Collection for DJI AIR 2S

PGYTECH DJI AIR 2S Filter collection meets your different needs.


  • Works with DJI AIR 2S
  • Uses SCHOTT glass for high-definition images
  • Water, oil & scratch resistant
  • Reduces exposure without color shifts
  • Easy to dismount
  • Ultralight yet robust

Variable types of filters meet the different needs of creators. Cutting out reflections, controlling the shutter speed, blocking the amount of light entering cameras, or balancing the optimal exposure. Filters also help inspire the creator making creative aerial content. Check out our new filter collection for DJI AIR 2S.


Our ND kit ( 8 16 32 64 ) improves the quality of your aerial footage by increasing saturating and preventing overexposure. Control your shutter speed to create smooth, cinematic videos.


Our ND-PL kit ( 8 16 32 64 ) Adding polarization to your ND filter expands your ND filter capabilities.

ND-PL filter can help you achieve smooth images and video by controlling your shutter speed. This also reduces unwanted reflections and enhances the colors in your drone content creation.

DJI AIR 2S UV Filter

Perfect for preventing UV from entering your camera. It protects your lens and sharpens your image.


Minimize glare from reflective surfaces. Perfect for creating vivid images.

DJI Air 2S filter

2. VND Filter For DJI AIR 2S

Great control on variable light with next-to-no effort


  • Works with DJI AIR 2S
  • Uses SCHOTT glass for high-definition images
  • Water, oil & scratch resistant
  • Reduces exposure without color shifts
  • Easy to dismount
  • Ultralight yet robust

VND filter and a fixed ND filter do the same thing by controlling the light from entering your camera. However, owning a VND filter means you have more flexibility in controlling the level of light without swapping your filter.

Our VND is ideal for on-the-go shoots. Available in 2-5 or 6-9 stops for accurate light control.

DJI Air 2S VND Filter


3. Safety Carrying Case

Professional protection: sturdy & waterproof


  • EVA shock-proof lining offers increased protection
  • Efficient storage set-up
  • Waterproof rating of IP67 (which means a closed case can be submerged 1 meter underwater without water entering)
  • Easy and safe to open during altitude and temperature changes

To fully experience the joy of the DJI AIR 2S, you’ll need to carry some gear. Therefore, a safety case to keep your drone and gimbals safe is necessary.

The DJI AIR 2S safety case is designed for professional protection. The CNC-engineered, high-quality EVA lining offers a snug fit and ultimate protection. The smart layout allows you to store DJI AIR 2S,  propeller holder, original lens protector, 4 batteries (included one in your drone), propellers (pair)x4, remote controller or smart controller (no need to remove control sticks), battery charging hub, battery charger and power adapter AC cable, battery to power bank adapter.

Safety Carrying Case for DJI Air 2S


4. Carrying Case

Carry your DJI AIR 2S in style


  • Custom-molded case for the AIR 2S with better protection.
  • Small and lightweight while maximizing storage capacity
  • IP34 Water resistant
  • Removable shoulder strap and integrated carry handle for easy transport

Sometimes, you just want to focus on aerial shooting and don’t need too much extra gear. The PGYTECH carrying case offers the perfect solution. The smart layout and water-resistant materials make the case a perfect fit for DJI AIR 2S, propeller holder, original lens protector, 3 batteries (included one in your drone), remote controller (need to remove control sticks), battery charging hub, battery to power bank adapter, battery charger and power adapter AC cable.

Carrying Case for DJI Air 2S


5. Landing Pad Pro For DJI AIR 2S

Safely land your drone, no matter the location


  • Works on any type of terrain
  • High-quality PU waterproof material, high precision printing, UV resistant
  • Two side colors, easy to clean
  • Easy to fold. Light and portable, easy to use and carry
  • Extended dimensions: 50cm*50cm

Your drone needs to land smoothly after finishing its flight. Our landing pad pro has been specifically designed for your drone. The PU double-sided coating, featuring two colors, helps you find the right location and prevents dust and debris from entering your drone.

landing pad for DJI Air 2S


6. Pad Holder For DJI AIR 2S

Experience aerial photography on a big screen


  • Portable design
  • Suitable for 130mm-190mm width telephones & tablets
  • The support arm is created from aviation-grade CNC aluminum, using anodizing processes with a high precision laser logo, making it lightweight yet sturdy.

A clean and unobstructed view is essential when you’re flying your drone. Our user-friendly pad holder is compatible with smartphones & tablets with a 130mm-190mm width. The holder is made from quality materials to help you comfortably fix in place your smartphone or tablet. 360° rotation offers you the perfect viewing angle while creating content.

Pad Holder for DJI Air 2S


7. Propeller Holder

Its snug fit protects your propellers effectively


  • Perfect fit for safer storage your drone
  • Foldable, compact, and made with soft silicone material that is virtually impossible to damage
  • Easy installation and disassembly
  • Equipped with a standard lanyard, easy to carry around

Carrying your drone for an adventure, you need a propeller holder to store and protect the propeller during transportation. PGYTECH propeller holder effectively protects your propeller when folding your AIR 2S.

PGYTECH propeller holder is foldable, compact, and made with soft silicone material that is virtually impossible to damage. It’s also got an elastic strap which provides flexibility when mounting.

Propeller Holder for DJI Air 2S


8. Landing Gear Extensions For DJI AIR 2S

For stable and secure landing


  • Elevating your DJI AIR 2S 35mm, prevents damage to camera gimbals and stains to drones or lenses.
  • Quick disassembly and useful anti-release design.
  • Light yet stable
  • Strong and wear resistant.

Avoid your drone from collecting annoying dirt by increasing the height by 35mm. Perfect for taking off and landing your drone on different terrains.

landing gear extensions for DJI Air 2S


9. Landing Gear Extensions LED Headlamp Set

Brave the night with easy landing


  • Elevating your DJI Air 2S 35mm, prevents damage to camera gimbals and stains to drones.
  • Light yet stable
  • Quick disassembly and useful anti-release design
  • Four light intensities
  • LED light tilt adjustment

With the aid of an LED headlamp extend your line of sight even at a long distance at night. Rotate the dial to choose from four different light intensities to cater to all your needs.

landing gear extensions with LED


10. OneGo Backpack For DJI AIR 2S

Professional and stylish, whenever wherever


  • Look stylish and be ready to shoot within seconds with PGYTECH OneGo
  • ModulePro system offers customizable storage
  • PU coating, scratch/water/dust/shock resistant
  • 180° opening to give you full access to your bag’s contents
  • Sideway easy access
  • AIRLIFT System: reduces the pressure on your shoulders with up to 50%

We believe that a good backpack should be superior in both looks and functionalities. OneGo Backpack is perfect for when you’re shooting on location and need to quickly grab your drone. Its 180° opening allows for easy access to your gear while its stylish looks make it look appropriate for a variety of occasions. Enjoy your creative journey without any limits.

OneGo Camera Backpack


11. OneMo Backpack For DJI AIR 2S

Holds all your creative tools without holding you back.


  • Two-in-one bag. Carry the main bag or the built-in pouch as a shoulder bag
  • Protective interior
  • Polyester fiber material, scratch/water-resistant
  • Contains expandable storage space with a maximum capacity up to 35 L
  • Two side entryways to the main compartment


OneMo Camera Backpack


It’s important to have a good backpack to store and protect your drone and other gear when you’re out traveling and creating captivating aerial content. PGYTECH OneMo’s quality materials guarantee that your equipment is kept safe and dry. Different journeys may require different needs so OneMo Backpack’s fully customizable compartments allow you to organize your drone and other gear as you see fit. The built-in pouch even gives you the option to only carry your drone when you want to travel light.