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Photography Gloves (M/L/XL)

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  • PGYTECH Photography gloves are designed for outdoor sports, cold zone shooting or drone flying in rough conditions, with good looking and superior quality.
  • Mitten design(conductive cap, effective screen touch) give more confortable experience on related devices operations.
  • Using HIPORA professional waterproof and breathable inner liner, 3M ThinsulateTM high-efficiency cold-proof cotton, water-re-pellent surface, windproof membrane layer, and PU anti-skid palm and comfort-able inner lining to make it light, thin but warm.

Warm / Windproof / Breathable / Moisture-proof / For multiple environmental conditions

I 3M Thinsulate high-efficiency cold-proof cotton and HIPORA waterproof and breathable liner

Selective mitten design; warm and flexible.

Specially designed for the multi-directional button of the drone remote control,

all-around control by exposing three fingers.

Only expose one joint of the finger to keep the rest of it warm in cold zones

With the conductive cap, you can touch any screen

device with the same fast and light touch as your finger

In cold weather, photography gloves

make aerial photography at will.

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