MantisPod, a look behind the design: How we make it better

Even unplanned content usually requires a lot of equipment. Not having the right tool to help you out in a split second hinders your creative process. If you wait too long, the moment’s gone, and you missed your shot. That’s where the MantisPod comes in. It’s a versatile vlogging tripod that simplifies your creative process. Think of it as a one-size-fits-all tripod that caters to every creative need. This is how it works.

MantisPod Introducing


Switching modes has never been this easy

To capture engaging vlogs, it's often required to instantly switch from handheld to tripod mode. We redesigned the way you traditionally unfold a tripod. You can switch to the handheld mode by folding the three legs of the MantisPod in a few seconds. Most importantly, you don’t have to adjust the camera because the lens will always face you.

MantisPod Switching Modes

We repositioned the camera plate to optimize the extended mode

When you're using a traditional selfie stick, the camera isn't fixed in place which makes it difficult to focus on yourself. That’s why we repositioned the camera plate. Unfold the MantisPod’s main leg to change the position of the camera plate. The angle at which it bends securely fixes your camera in place and allows you to shoot from every perspective.

MantisPod Extended Mode

More angles possible to create more captivating content 

It’s pretty much impossible to create professional video content without a tripod. The MantisPod is the perfect companion for your professional content, especially if you like to film from creative angles. Conduct interviews, film close-ups, create air-view time-lapse shots, or anything else you can imagine by simply creating a stable triangle by placing all three legs of the MantisPod on even surfaces.

MantisPod Vlog Tripod Mantis Mode


Seamless telephone integration

The MantisPod is also the best companion when you want to create video content with your telephone. It’s got a built-in mini phone holder that is discreetly tucked away in one of the legs of the MantisPod. The phone holder even has a cold shoe mount onto which you can mount all your accessories. Taking out your phone for a quick shot has never resulted in such professional footage when you’re using the MantisPod. It’s simplicity at its best.  

MantisPod Vlog Tripod Supports Smartphones


You dont need to mount your accessories to your camera 

Tripods should make it easier to create, not get in the way. The MantisPod has been designed around this principle of making life easier. Simply mount your light or microphones to the side of the MantisPod without having to worry about those accessories blocking the screen when you have one that you can flip outwards.

MantisPod Vlog Tripod with Cold Shoe Mount


A more secure and way faster camera installation

MantisPod Pro uses the patented SnapLock system to offer a more efficient camera installation. This piece of innovation created an extra secure lock to offer increased safety. The SnapLock plate is Arca-Swiss compatible and contains a tight-fitting screw to avoid it getting undone like traditional quick-release plates often do.

MantisPod with Snaplock System Camera Mounting


A versatile, lightweight and very comfortable tripod


Holding tripods or selfie sticks all day usually leads to sore wrists. Not the MantisPod. It’s made from magnesium, which only weighs two-thirds of aluminum alloy. It also has a rubber coating for increased comfort. The three axes are coaxial and rotate separately to combine 70 units and its compact size allows you to carry it in a pocket. Pretty impressive stuff!

MantisPod lightweight and durable construction