Introducing the MantisPod Vlogging Tripod

A Post by: PGYTECH
Introducing MantisPod Vlogging Tripod

Using different angles is a sure way of making more captivating content, but no one wants to carry a lot of gear.

Introducing PGYTECH’s MantisPod vlogging tripod to simplify the content creation process. This one tripod allows you to capture life from every angle.


Multiple Modes for Unlimited Creation

Elevated Tripod Mode

Live-streaming, interviews, self-portraits, and time-lapse photography. Just share your story!

Elevated Tripod Mode

Lowered View Mode

Mimic your pet’s perspective.

MantisPod Lowered View Mode

Handheld Mode

Perfect for on-the-go shoots.

MantisPod Handheld Mode

Extended Mode

Better angles for selfies or group shots.

MantisPod Extended Mode

Mantis Mode

The innovative Mantis mode is able to become a stable tripod by using three different areas of support. Explore more perspectives and enjoy your creation.

The ideal conditions are:

  • The thickness of the hanging surface should be equal to or less than 90mm.
  • The Mantis mode can become a stable tripod by keeping the main leg hanging steady, and the two legs are with stable support.
  • Please avoid using the Mantis mode on moving objects such as vehicles, boats, etc.
MantisPod Tripod Hanging Mode

Vertical Shooting Mode

Swiftly switch horizontal to vertical shooting mode. Perfect for TikToks or live-streaming.

MantisPod Vertical Shooting Mode

Mobile Vlogging Mode

One of the tripod’s legs contains a built-in mini phone holder. The Mini phone holder has an Arca-Swiss mount, cold shoe mount and 1/4 screw hole for wider compatibility. Use your phone to instantly share your content shot.

MantisPod Tripod Mobile Vlogging Mode

Instant and flexible

Handheld to Tripod

MantisPod Tripod to Handheld Mode

Instantly switch from tripod to selfie mode without changing your camera's angle.

Portrait to Landscape

MantisPod Tripod Portrait to Landscape Mode

Tilt 360° to change shooting from portrait to landscape mode.

Dovetail Cold Shoe Mount

MantisPod Tripod Cold Shoe Mount

Dovetail cold shoe mount to instantly change the plate’s position.

Patented SnapLock System

MantisPod Tripod Patented Snaplock System

Patented SnapLock System to make your camera setup more efficient. It even locks extra securely to offer increased safety.

The Patented SnapLock plate is Arca-Swiss compatible and contains a tight fitting screw to avoid it coming undone.

MantisPod Pro VS MantisPod 

MantisPod Comparison

  MantisPod Pro MantisPod
Plate Setup

-Dovetail cold shoe mount.

-1/4  inch screw hole for wide adaptability.

Dovetail cold shoe mount.

Angle Adjustments

-Easily rotate from portrait to landscape mode.

-Omnidirectional rotation ball head.

Instantly switch from portrait to landscape mode

Camera Setup Patented SnapLock System.
SnapLock plate.

1/4 inch camera mounting screw.


1.Handheld Mode

2.Lowered View Mode

3.Elevated Tripod Mode

4.Extended Mode

5.Mobile Vlogging Mode

6.Mantis Mode

7.Vertical Shooting Mode

1.Handheld Mode

2.Lowered View Mode

3.Elevated Tripod Mode

4.Extended Mode

5.Mobile Vlogging Mode

6.Mantis Mode


Sturdy and durable Light  to carry

It’s made of lightweight yet sturdy magnesium. It is durable and only weights about 2/3 of aluminum alloy.

Note: the three legs of the MantisPod are made from magnesium, the other parts are made from an aluminium alloy.