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Lens Cleaning Pen

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  • The PGYTECH lens cleaning pen is suitable for cleaning the lenses of digital equipment such as cameras, drones, projectors, and its respective bodies.
  • The pen body is made of aviation aluminum, which makes it portable and light.
  • It has a double-ended tip: at one end, there is a thin filaments brush head, which can effectively remove dust from surfaces, lenses, and screens. At the other end, there is a suede toner head useful for removing fingerprints, grease, and other stains on lenses and filters.

Perfect to clean the lens and body of all types of cameras, as well as projectors and other optical products and digital equipment.

New and improved double end design for

quick and easy use

Single action retractable dust removal brush and carbon made non-liquid cleaning cap.

Activated powder based carbon cleaning

compound, nothing spills or drips.

Removes effectively fingerprint and grease that may compromise your image.

Soft, retractable brush 

With its long filaments, the PGYTECH Lenspen effectively

sweeps away dust and dirt from lenses and screens.

Made by high quality aeronautical aluminum alloy

Incredible hand feeling and easy to use

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