How to Use Your OneMo Camera Backpack?

The Main Compartment

OneMo camera bag

The upper and lower configuration

Use the middle divider’s Velcro to loop it through the two sides and secure it. Use other dividers to customize the upper space to store your gear. It can hold a camera, two lenses, a monitor and lights.

OneMo backpack and pouch

The lower part contains a built-in pouch that fits a drone or one camera + one lens.By removing the pouch you also free up space for clothes or other travel items.

OneMo backpack inside dividers

The left and right configuration 

Open the middle divider’s Velcro and push it all the day down. Use the other dividers to create a left and right column which help you organize your gear on one side and travel items on the other.

customized OneMo backpack


The expansion on the backpack’s front fits your stabilizer without having to dismount it.

expandable backpack


Pockets on both sides

OneMo backpack both sides pockets

The camera batteries pocket is on one side of the bag. Slide the indicator and use the two colors to mark your batteries’ charge. 
The anti-theft pocket is on the top of the battery pocket, which you can safely store your credit card using the zipper.
The small accessories pocket is on the other side of the bag and stores an SD card, card wallet, data cable, etc. The inside mesh pocket can store filters or power banks.
The water bottle holder is below the accessory pocket. Use the external strap to insert it through the side loop and tighten to secure your bottle.


Easy Access Pockets

The little pocket and elastic band on the two shoulder straps can hold your camera battery, card or lens cap.

The hidden pocket between the back panel and main compartment can store items such as papers.

OneMo backpack hidden pockets

The two pockets on the back panel can store your shoulder strap.

The magnetic pockets on the front can store any external straps or small items.

OneMo backpack magnetic pockets

The laptop pocket

The laptop compartment has been designed with a padded divider that allows you to store your tablet and laptop separately. It fits a 16" laptop or smaller.  


External Straps

The OneMo backpack has multiple webbing loops around it that allow you to strap in items.


Attach your drone to the front of the bag

Cross two external straps to fix your drone on the front of bag and use the hook to secure it in place.

OneMo backpack attach drone

Attach your gear on the top/bottom of the bag

Cross two external straps to fix items like tripods or sleeping bags on the bag’s bottom or top and use the hooks to secure in place.

How to Adjust Straps 

The use of the load-lifters straps 

The adjuster of load-lifters straps aims for comfortably snug. Pull on the loose ends to tighten or lift to loosen.

The use of the waists traps

Attach the hook of the waist straps to the attachment points on either side of the bag. Pull on the loose ends to adjust the strap until comfortable.

The use of the sternum straps

Fasten together the sternum strap and use the loose ends to adjust the length of the strap until comfortable.

Other Ways to Carry Your OneMo

Carry you bag attached to your rolling luggage

The luggage pass-through section enables you to attach the backpack to your rolling luggage.

camera bag for travel

Grab handle 

Tuck away your shoulder straps in the hidden pockets and grab the handle to easily carry your backpack.

OneMo backpack grab handle

How to Protect Your OneMo on a Rainy Day

Use the built-in rain cover on the shoulder straps to avoid raindrops from getting inside the back panel.
OneMo also has a rain cover at the bottom of the bag. Take it out to protect your bag.

waterproof camera backpack

How to Use Your OneMo Shoulder Bag

crossbody camera bag


Unfold the two dividers to store your Mavic kit (drone, controller with screen, battery).
Fold the dividers to store one camera and one lens.


The inside mesh pocket allows you to carry data cables and filters. The external pocket can store a smartphone or accessories.


Open the top zipper to use the expandable space to carry your water bottle.

How to Carry Your OneMo Shoulder Bag

Use it as a single shoulder bag

Attach two ends of the shoulder straps to the loops and adjust the length of the strap to carry comfortably.

Use it as a waist bag

Attach the strap to the loops on the side of the bag and pull on the loose ends to tighten. Carry as a waist bag.