How to Use MantisPod Vlogging Tripod

The MantisPod vlogging tripod has the functionalities of several tripods packed into one. No matter the angle, whether fully extended or hanging from a door in Mantis mode, the options are endless. You can even use it as a telephone tripod. The best part is that it’s compact and lightweight so you can leave your clunky gear at home and create amazing content. Below are some useful tips on how to enjoy your MantisPod to the max.

MantisPod Pro VS MantisPod

Unboxing and setting up the MantisPod / MantisPod Pro

Take out your MantisPod (Pro) and accompanying camera plate. Attach the camera plate onto the dovetail cold shoe mount and turn it to lock.

Setting Up MantisPod Vlog Tripod

Switching modes

From a handheld selfie stick to a high-angle tripod 

MantisPod Vlog Tripod Switching Modes

The MantisPod bends at the perfect angle if you want to use it as a selfie stick. You can also unfold two legs to switch from a selfie stick to a stand-alone tripod without having to adjust the camera.

Tripod height adjustments 

MantisPod Vlog Tripod Height Adjustment

Do you want to adjust your tripod’s height? Here’s how to do it. Push the button of the main leg and the main axis simultaneously, then rotate the main leg to the middle position according to the indication point to get a lower view. Push the button on the main axis to tilt the camera plate to any desired position.

Handheld mode to extended mode

MantisPod Vlog Tripod Handheld to Extended Mode

Push the button on the main leg and the main axis simultaneously, then unfold the main leg to the top position according to the indication point. Unlock the camera plate and push it down to detach it. Mount your gear and attach the camera plate on the main leg’s dovetail cold shoe mount, turn to lock, and use it as an extended selfie stick.

Handheld mode to Mantis mode 

MantisPod Vlog Tripod Mantis Hanging Mode

It’s pretty much impossible to create professional video content without a tripod. The MantisPod is the perfect companion for your professional content, especially if you like to film from creative angles. Unfold two legs and use the hidden hook to hang the MantisPod.

Note:The hanging surface should be less than 90mm thick and the three legs of the tripod are placed as support on a surface. We advise against using the Mantis mode by only using one tripod leg and leaving the other legs suspended regardless of how slim the hanging surface is.

Please avoid using Mantis mode on moving objects such as vehicles, boats, etc.

Selfie to landscape mode 

MantisPod Vlog Tripod Selfie to Landscape Mode

SnapLock mini reverse ball head and base plate are both capable of 360 ° rotations. Follow the tips below to switch from selfie to landscape view in seconds.
MantisPod: push the button on the base plate to adjust the camera and switch from selfie to landscape view.
MantisPod Pro: unlock the panoramic view button to adjust the camera and switch from selfie to landscape.

Mobile vlogging mode 

MantisPod Vlog Tripod Mobile Vlogging Mode

Use your phone to instantly share your content shot with the MantisPod’s built-in mini phone holder. Take out the Mini Phone Holder hidden in the main leg and unfold it. Use the cold shoe mount on top to attach accessories.
MantisPod: mount it onto the 1/4 inch screw on the base plate.
MantisPod Pro: take out the SnapLock plate and mount the phone holder on the Arca-Swiss slot. 

SnapLock plate setup for the MantisPod Pro

MantisPod Vlog Tripod Snaplock System

MantisPod Pro uses the patented SnapLock system to make your camera setup more efficient. We got rid of the tedious traditional knob and created a SnapLock plate that is mounted in one easy step.
Mount your camera to the SnapLock plate and push the button to install your square plate on the Arca-Swiss slot using any direction you wish. It even locks extra securely to offer increased safety. The patented SnapLock plate contains a tight-fitting screw to avoid it coming undone like traditional quick-release plates often do.

The SnapLock mini reverse ball head flips from a horizontal to the vertical position 

MantisPod Vlog Tripod Ball Head

The SnapLock mini reverse ball head is Omni-directional. Unlock the ball head to rotate or flip to portrait mode.

Accessorize with MantisPod / MantisPod Pro 

MantisPod Tripod Mounting Accessories

Tripods should make it easier to create, not get in the way. The MantisPod has been designed around this principle of making life easier. You don’t need to mount your accessories to your camera. There’s a cold shoe mount on the side to attach accessories such as mics and lights. Rotate the accessories to adjust the angle.