Why the OneGo backpack is the perfect companion for your camera and lens

OneGo Camera Backpack

OneGo camera backpack

A great camera backpack is essential for professional photographers, who want to be able to carry around their gear without running the risk of damaging their camera or lens. Ideally, you want a backpack both functional and good-looking.

Today, we’re going to take a close look at the OneGo Backpack to fully understand why this bag is perfect for professional photographers.

OneGo camera backpack


Name: OneGo backpack
Format: backpack
Measurement: 17” (44cm) ×13” (32cm)× 7”(18cm)
Capacity: 18L
Weight: 1.95KG (Dividers included: 2.2KG)
Zippers: YKK
Materials: exterior (poly, PU coating); interior (poly, buttermilk skin leather, EVA /XPE padding)
Price: $219


● Stylish and be ready to shoot within seconds.
● Customizable dividers let you organize your bag just the way you like it.
● The little clasps guarantee your items stay put.
● Quick access to your bag from three sides.
● The “AirFiber” back panel prevents a sweaty back and the honeycomb structured TPR padded straps lighten your load.
● Exterior PU coating makes the bag wear and water resistant.
● The laptop and tablet compartment has a section you can take out.


Customized Dividers

One of the stunning features of this backpack is the ModulePro system, which allows you to customize your partitions in the main compartment of your bag.

The ModulePro system consists of customizable dividers made from latches and sturdy Velcro that allow you to organize the dividers according to the size of your photo or video kit.

A popular setup is to put two A dividers in the second and fourth hole inside the bag to put your everyday essentials and your mirrorless cameras, phones, gimbals, action cameras separately. You can also store your tech pouch in the bottom section.

Taking out of these dividers create a big open space in which to store your books, clothes, or maybe even pet products.

OneGo camera backpack customized dividers

Compartment and multiple pockets

The laptop compartment has a padded divider that fits a 16" Macbook Pro, tablet, and stylus pen. You can easily fetch your laptop by taking out the divider. There’s a space between the laptop compartment and the bottom of the backpack to compensate for shocks when it’s put on the floor.

OneGo camera backpack with laptop compartment

Moving to the multiple pockets, these multiple interior pockets made OneGo as a great camera and lens backpack. These pockets can store various accessories and daily essentials. The frontal and rear magnetic pockets allow you to store your everyday items such as a lens cap, memory card, and USB drive.

You can place your important items into the zipper pocket at the bottom of the bag. You can store your filters and lens cap in the left pocket. The right pocket is designed to carry your camera batteries, and the magnetic coin indicates your battery power while also functioning as a quick-release wrench.

OneGo backpack with battery pocket

The side pockets enable you to store your trip essentials, such as a water bottle, a tripod, or maybe a power bank, etc. Pull strap to secure your items, and the strap’s little loop allows you to keep the ends tidy.


To seize the moment requires quick access to your gear.

Just pull down the magnetic instant buckle for fast access to the main compartment. Unzip the two main zippers for a fully opened 180° view to quickly grab your gear no matter the location.

OneGo backpack 180° opening

Two side pockets and the 180° opening let you quickly grab your camera from the backpack so you never have to miss a shot.

OneGo backpack with side pockets


To carry a lot of gear on a trip requires a comfortable outdoor camera bag. OneGo uses innovative materials to make your outdoor shooting as comfortable as possible.

The shoulder straps are padded with honeycomb structured TPR, which disperses the pressure on your shoulders. The AirFiber offers a sweat-free experience when you wear your bag on long trips on sunny days. On rainy days, the PU coating protects your gear by making the bag fully waterproof.

OneGo backpack Ergonomic Design


A good-looking and professional camera bag is something you can enjoy for a long time. The OneGo has multiple colors options. Its stylish looks are great for daily commutes or weekend trips, while its sturdy construction protects your gear during outdoor activities.

OneGo Stylish camera backpack

As you can see, the OneGo backpack has been designed by professionals for professionals. Its 18 liter capacity allows you to pack your photography gear and daily essentials without sacrificing its looks. The smart dividers allow you to fully organize your contents while the side pockets offer you quick access.

Even though the OneGo backpack has been designed as a camera bag, you’ll soon discover how great it works as a daily backpack.

OneGo daily backpack