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Beetle Camera Clip

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  • With Arca-Swiss compatible SnapLock quick release camera plate
  • Instantly attach your camera to most backpack straps or belts
  • Hands-fre
  • Easy to clamp design
  • Installation in any direction
  • Patented tight-fitting screw
  • Pocket size, easy to carry
  • Aluminum alloy material
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Easy to carry, always ready to shoot

Beetle Camera Clip
  • Free your hands
  • Easy to (dis)mount
  • Arca-Swiss compatible
    SnapLock plate
  • Anti-slip rubber

Free you hands, convenient to travel

You don’t need to hold your camera all the time, just attach it to
your straps to free your hands and enjoy your trip. The Beetle Camera Clip also helps to relieve pressure on
your neck and to increase your comfort.

Use your camera in a flash

The Beetle Camera Clip enables you to quickly mount and lock your camera without
having to push any buttons. Taking out your camera is as easy as pushing one button. It even locks extra
securely to avoid it accidentally unlocking itself.

A new way to instantly attach your camera to
most straps

We got rid of the tedious traditional knob and use a clip that you can attach to your
strap instantly and very securely.

The adjustable buckle enables you to attach your
camera to most straps.

Note: Up to 75 mm width with a maximum of 15mm thickness and
a minimum of 1mm thickness

Expand more options with the SnapLock Plate

The Beetle Camera Clip uses the Arca-Swiss compatible SnapLock plate.
You can use the plate to mount different Arca-type equipment to meet all your creative needs.

It avoids the screw getting undone

The SnapLock Plate uses a patented tight-fitting screw containing a thrust needle roller bearing,
which ensures the plate doesn't get undone. It mounts the camera very securely.

Installation from any orientation to enable
an easy and safe mount

The SnapLock plate lets you install your camera in any direction instantly.
The camera mount direction can be adjusted according to the camera lens size. Lenses mounted
horizontally can effectively increase the camera’s stability.

A snug and secure hold

The use of anti-slip rubber material in the inner part offers a snug and secure
hold for your strap, eliminating the worry of clip movement.

Pocket size, easy to carry

Aluminum alloy material

The main body of the clip is made from aluminum,
which makes it incredibly strong yet still lightweight


  • Name

    Beetle Camera Clip

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  • Material

    Aluminum alloy, Nylon

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