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Safety Carrying Case Mini for RONIN-S

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  • The PGYTECH Safety Carrying Case mini for Ronin S is designed to store the Ronin S standard, an SLR camera, and other relevant accessories in the customizable spaces.
  • We created the PGYTECH Safety Carrying Case of high-impact engineering plastic injection molding, which is strong and durable to ensure normal performance temperature goes from -25 to +90 degrees. The high-impact engineering plastic provides reliable and durable protection and the EVA shockproof lining fits and protects all the equipment. The stainless steel anti-cutting reinforced padlock and anti-theft, and prying-resistant to offer additional security.
  • The waterproof and breathable pressure balance valve effectively balance the internal and external pressure of the box caused by the altitude and temperature changes.
  • Out of stock in the US, shipping cost may be added.

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