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OSMO Action Filter (Professional)

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  • The OSMO Action Filters(Professional) uses German SCHOTT glass as its base material, utilizing multiple grinding and polishing processes. A nanometer-scale, double-sided, multi-layer vacuum coating process ensures a first-class waterproof, oil-proof, dust-proof, and anti-scratch protection. Directly attach the filter to ensure its anti-water and anti-dust capacity, which can be damaged during replacement. Made of aeronautic aluminum, the frame features a knurling pattern to ensure quick attachment. The inside part of the frame is covered with silica gel to protect the original filter from being scratched during attachment.
  • Lifetime warranty-Provide you with the best satisfaction.
    1. What is the function of the gradient filter?

    It can effectively balance the exposure of the sky and the ground during shooting, prevent overexposure and enhance the texture of the picture.


    1. Do I need to remove the original filter when installing the PGYTECH Osmo Action filter?

    No. It can be directly attached.


    1. Will the original filter be damaged when attaching the PGYTECH Osmo Action?

    No, the inside of the frame is covered with a flexible silicone material to ensure that the original filter is not damaged during installation.


    1. Is the PGYTECH Osmo Action Filter Gradient Set (ND8-GR ND16-4 ND32-8) (Professional Edition) lens adjustable?

    Yes, it is rotatable.


    1. What is the gradient range of PGYTECH Osmo Action filter gradient set?

    ND8-GR 3 stops dimming (0.9)

    ND16-4 4 stops ~ 2 stops evenly dimmed (1.2~0.6)

    ND32-8 5 stops ~ 3 stops evenly dimmed (1.5~0.9)


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