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Action Camera Hand and Wrist Strap

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  • The PGYTECH Action Camera Hand and Wrist Strap can secure and effectively fix the OSMO Pocket, GoPro and other action cameras on the back of the hand and wrist; bringing FPV mode, new creative angles, and richer usage scenarios.
  • The quick disassembly design can effectively save time. It adapts to most action cameras on the market with GoPro interface.
  • The action camera hand and the wrist strap are adjustable in size to suit different dimensions.
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Easy to control FPV mode

The hands and wrists fixation provides great stability, control, and free your hands your hands.

Carefully crafted grain details

Tailored Comfort

The shape and cuts are integrated, medium material elasticity and flexibility with arm movements.
The geometrical opening design is pleasant for the skin and delivers a fast absorption of sweat
while maintaining proper breathing. The materials are respectful with the environment by The
Technical Specifications of National Textiles GB18401-2010.


  • Name

    Osmo Pocket Action Camera Hand And Wrist Strap

  • No.


  • Material

    PC、ABS Polyester Fiber

  • Net Weight

    47 g

  • Size

    Fixed Seat Size: 54mm x 46 mm x 40 mm
    Wrist Strap Size: 315 mm x 40 mm
    Hand Strap Size: 259 mm x 125 mm

  • Compatibility

    Feiyu Pocket; OSMO ACTION; OSMO Pocket; Feiyu Pocket(use with Universal Interface with 1/4”Mount Bolt); Gopro Action Camera; YI Action Camera

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