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OneGo Backpack Partitions

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OneGo Backpack Partition

Organize your bag, protect your items

OneGo Backpack Partition



PGYTECH OneGo Backpack Partition A

PGYTECH OneGo Backpack Partition B

PGYTECH OneGo Backpack Partition C







Net Weight

Partition A:42.4g   Partition B:28.7g   Partition C:34.5g

OneGo Backpack Divider

Replace or add dividers to creates more compartments.

Customize and optimize your bag’s organization

Use divider A to separate the inner space.
Combine divider B with divider C to customize the space and
to store your gear or other items.
The dividers also function to protect your gear.

Easy to detach/attach, secure to mount

Divider A
“ModulePro” consists of customizable dividers made with latches and sturdy Velcro.
The latches offer a secure support for your gear.
Use the Velcro at the bottom of divider A, to attach and detach your divider.

Divider B / Divider C

Velcro allows you to quickly attach and detach.
You can easily adjust the partitions.

EVA material is lightweight yet protective

The dividers are made from EVA material,
which is lightweight and offers protection to your gear and
other items. It also doesn’t take up too much space.

User Guide

How to install the interior partitions

Divider A

Please note that the hook has to face
downwards. Line up the stitch mark at
the bottom of the divider with the red
line on the back panel.

Divider B

Divider B is flexible and foldable,
the upper and lower layers allow
you to store your gear.

Divider C

The upper and lower compartments
can store your Mavic kit. The upper
compartment can hold the remote
when folded while storing two batteries when unfolded.

Recommendations for installing the dividers:

Place two A dividers into the second and fourth holes:

To hold a mirrorless camera, action camera, and Mavic Air 2 Combo with small accessories.

Place two A dividers into the first and fourth holes:

You can place a mirrorless camera with one lens, some lighting equipment,
a Mavic 2 Combo, and a compact camera.

Place two A dividers into the first and fifth holes:

You can place full-frame cameras such as a Canon 5D4 camera with two lenses,
a Mavic Mini2 Combo, a GoPro, and small accessories.

When traveling,
put two A dividers in the second and third holes:

You can put your gear in the upper compartment and
place your toiletry bag in the bottom compartment.

When shooting daily,
put two A dividers in the second and fourth holes:

You can put your everyday essentials and your mirrorless cameras, phones,
gimbals, action cameras in the upper compartment
and store your tech pouch on the bottom compartment.

The Dimensions of Dividers

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