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Mavic Mini Propeller Holder

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  • PGYTECH Mavic Mini Propeller Holder effectively protects the propeller when folding and accommodating Mavic Mini.
  • Be sure to remove Propeller Holder before activating the drone.
  • Using an integrated strap design, soft silicone material, aluminum alloy lock;
  • The reserved hanging hole and equipped lanyard allow to be used in more scenes.


  • Name

    Mavic Mini Propeller Holder

  • No.


  • Material


  • Net Weight

    21 g

  • Size

    195 mm x 20 mm x 2.6 mm

  • Compatibility

    Mavic Mini

Perfect Fit For Safer Storage

The PGYTECH Propeller Holder is compatible with the Mavic Mini and
is carefully moulded to create the most effective protection of your propellers

It's Soft And Elastic

The PGYTECH Propeller Holder is foldable, compact, and made from soft silicone material that is virtually impossible to damage. It’s also got an elastic strap which provides flexibility when mounting.

Easy Installation And Disassembly

Mounting or disassembling the PGYTECH Propeller Holder is very easy with the quick-release aluminum alloy buckle with reserved hanging hole.

Equipped With
Standard Lanyard

It also comes with a standard lanyard
to use as a hand strap or hanger.

  • Installation

Note: Don't forget to remove the propeller holder before activating the drone.

Packing List

  • Product Name
  • Quantity
  • MAVIC MINI Propeller Holder

  • x 1

  • Adjustable Lanyard

  • x 1

  • User Guide

  • x 1

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avic Mini Prop Holder

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