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Mavic Mini Lens Hood

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  • PGYTECH Mavic Mini lens hood is a design for Mavic Mini. It can effectively suppress lens glare under side light conditions and improve aerial photography quality;
  • Ultra-light materials have little effect on flight duration.
  • Quick release design makes quick disassembly and assembly in one step;


  • Name

    PGYTECH Mavic Mini Lens Hood

  • No.


  • Material


  • Net Weight

    4 g

  • Size

    54.6 mm x 39.5 mm x 33.8 mm

  • Compatibility


Controls Image Quality
And Prevents Glare

The "U" shaped design with extended shade minimizes vignetting and undesired color effects.

Additional Parts Are Not Required

The clipping system was designed for quick and easy installation and removal,
keeping the seamless elegant design of the Mavic Mini.

Designed For Quickly Installing And Dismantling

Simple and fast Installment.

  • Installation

  • Detachment

Note: When you operate the drones at full throttle, the edge of lens hood
may enter the view of the camera.

Packing List

  • Product Name
  • Quantity
  • PGYTECH Mavic Mini Lens Hood

  • x 1

  • User Guide

  • x 1

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