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Control Stick Protector for Mavic Mini

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  • To protect the control stick from damage when transportation. The same feeling of Industrial design, beautiful and elegance. Proper size, light weight and small volume.
  • Make full use of the existing structural features of the remote control, and cleverly design the anti-off buckle structure.
  • This accessory makes it easy to store the remote control in a bag and reduce the inconvenience of repeatedly removing the control stick.
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  • Name

    Control Stick Protector for Mavic Mini

  • No.


  • Material


  • Net Weight

    16 g

  • Size

    138 mm x 48.5 mm x 25 mm

  • Compatibility


Designed For MAVIC MINI Remote Control

Portable and light ,easy to carry

High-strength ABS Material,
Plastics Injection From A Complete Mold

Provide effective protection to the control stick
and display screen of the remote control

Precise The Suitable
To The Hook Face Of
The Remote Control

Integrate and cooperate with
the remote control properly,
beautiful and elegance

Proper Size,
Light Weight
And Small Volume

With full consideration to
user experience, it is only 16g

  • Installation

  • Detachment

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  • Control Stick Protector for Mavic Mini

  • x 1

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  1. Which remote controllers can be used with the MAVIC MINI control stick protector

This is designed for the Mavic mini size. Other models of remote control cannot be used.

  1. Where is the strap? Where is the belt?

The strap is in the triangular bag at the front of the backpack. The belt is inside the backpack.

  1. What is the size of the MAVIC MINI Control Stick Protector? How much does it weigh?

Size: 138mm * 48.5mm * 25mm Weight: 16g

  1. Can the MAVIC MINI Control Stick Protector be installed in the DJI's original carrying case?

Yes, the original carrying case can also hold it.

  1. What is the MAVIC MINI Control Stick Protector made from?


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