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t2 tripod faqs

  1. 1.Which products are compatible with T2 Tripod?

With a 1/4 inch thread at the top, T2 Tripod fits action cameras, ILDC, DSLR, handheld gimbals and other photography accessories.

  1. 2.Is the T2 Tripod adjustable?

Yes. Both 45-degree and 75-degree angles can be configured.

  1. What is the T2 Tripod made of?

T2 Tripod is made of aluminum alloy and ABS.

  1. What is the maximum load of the T2 Tripod?

5KG or 11Ibs

  1. 5.What is the size of T2 Tripod?

37mm*149.8mm or 1.46in * 5.90in

  1. Is T2 Tripod compatible with other accessories?

With its 1/4 inch thread, T2 Tripod is also compatible with the handgrip mount used on Robin S/SC.

  1. Does T2 Tripod support any gimbals?

T2 Tripod does not have an official gimbal, but its 1/4 inch thread fits all gimbals with 1/4 inch hole on the market.

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