Tripod Adapter for OSMO ACTION Accessories|PGYTECH



Tailored for OSMO ACTION

Tailored for functional extension and offering more connecting options for OSMO ACTION.


Quick-release Plate Openings

The adapter has two quick-release plate openings on each side,

which precisely match mounts with the quick-release plate. 

Built-in 1/4-inch Thread

The built-in 1/4-inch thread offers connections with

multiple types of photographic equipment with 1/4-inch screw.  

Action Camera Universal Interface

With the help of a universal interface to 1/4-inch thread,

it can connect with external equipment containing an action camera universal interface. 

Fast Switch Between Different Usage Scenarios

The quick-release design, tailored for the adhesive mount of OSMO ACTION,

on one side of the adapter achieves the quick switch between different usage scenarios.

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