1. Why do you need a filter?

PGYTECH OSMO ACTION CPL filter (Professional Edition) can effectively eliminate polarized light, increase color density, deepen blues, highlight white clouds, make a picture more transparent, and improve the clarity and expressiveness of pictures.

PGYTECH OSMO ACTION Filter ND Set (ND 8 16 32 64) (Professional Edition) reduces the amount of light entering the camera, allowing it to select the correct exposure value and prevent overexposure.

PGYTECH OSMO ACTION Filter ND-PL Set (NDPL 8 16 32 64) (Professional Edition) reduces the amount of light entering the camera, allowing for appropriate exposure value selection while eliminating unwanted polarized light.

  1. Can the filter be used underwater?

General filters are not recommended for underwater photography. Snorkel filters are especially designed for this particular scenario.

  1. Is the CPL filter rotatable to adjust the polarizationangle?


  1. Is the ND-CPL filter rotatable to adjust the polarizationangle?


  1. Does the attachment of a PGYTECH filter require removal ofthe original lens?

No, PGYTECH filters adopt a faster and safer and more convenient attachment design, with no need to remove the original lens, saving you the need for repeated disassembly and assembly.

  1. Is the PGYTECH filter glass or plastic?

Made of German SCHOTT glass, PGYTECH filters have excellent imaging performance due to the adaptation of multiple grinding and polishing processes. A double-sided, multi-layer vacuum coating process ensures first-class waterproof, oil-proof, and anti-scratch protection, as well as easier access for cleaning.

  1. Why is the attachment ofa PGYTECH filter the only thing needed to cover the original? What is the advantage of this design compared with other manufacturer’ screw-thread filters?

The PGYTECH filter with replacement-free attachment  has several advantages:

  1. There is no need to remove the original.Rather,directly attach the PGYTECH filter to ensure its water-resistant and anti-dust capacities, as the original could be damaged during replacement (e.g., unscrewing the original filter may impair the camera’s function during extreme weather).
  2. The fast-attachment design, one-step attachment, and detachment together create a convenient and fast user experience. The PGYTECH filter can greatly reducethe trouble caused by the repeated replacement of filters fordifferent shooting requirements.

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