P-GEP-020 VLOG Phone Extension Pole Tripod FAQs

  1. What is the function of the VLOG Phone Extension Pole Tripod?

The VLOG Phone Extension Pole Tripod can be used for selfies when combined with an OSMO POCKET or GoPro and in many other usage scenarios when an extension pole is needed. It utilizes an all-in-one, compact design that freely transitions between extension pole and tripod stand.

  1. Can the VLOG Phone Extension Pole Tripod be used as a selfie stick?

Yes(Note: Bluetooth remote control is not available for this product).

  1. Can the PGYTECH VLOG Phone Extension Pole Tripod work directly with an OSMO Action?

No, it requires a protective case with a universal interface, such as DJI’s Camera Protective or a PGYTECH OSMO Action Camera Cage.

  1. What is the retractable length of the PGYTECH VLOG Phone Extension Pole Tripod?

It is 40cm in length with the tripod fully extended and 14.5cm when stored in your pocket.

  1. Can the OSMO POCKET Carrying Case Mini hold a PGYTECH VLOG Phone Extension Pole Tripod?

Yes, it can.

  1. What is the load capacity of the PGYTECH VLOG Phone Extension Pole Tripod?

The maximum load is 1kg.

  1. Is the phone holder compatible with all types of mobile phones?

It is compatible with mobile phones 9cm in length and 1.8cm in thickness. Please remove the protective shell of the phone before putting it in the phone holder.

  1. What equipment is compatible with the phone holder?

There is a cold shoe and a ¼-inch thread at two ends of the phone holder, which can respectively offer access to the camera light, microphone, a tripod, and a selfie stick.

  1. Will the long-term use of the phone holder cause damage to the phone?

No, it protects the phone with a soft rubber covering on the einterior of the phone holder.

  1. Will the phone holder pinch hands?

Please be careful not to put your fingers between the joints equipped with coil springs.

  1. Why are there black stains on the retractable stick of the phone holder if it is not used for a while?

A small amount of lubricating oil is used on the stick for a better user experience, and its surface may turn to black or gray due to consistent friction. This can be easily wiped off with a piece of tissue without affecting its normal function.

  1. Why is there a sound when the phone holder is extended?

The phone holder is made of aluminum alloy, so the friction produced inside the phone holder when the coil spring is stretched or compressed is unavoidable but normal.