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Osmo Action Tripod Adapter FAQs

  1. What is the function of the tripod adapter?

The PGYTECH OSMO ACTION Tripod Adapter is designed for functional extension and to offer more connection options for the OSMO Action.

  1. What kinds of products are compatible with the tripod adapter?

The adapter has two quick-release plate openings on each side, which precisely match mounts on the quick-release plate. A quick-release design on one side of the adapter is tailored for the adhesive mount of the OSMO ACTION. The built-in 1/4-inch thread offers connections with multiple types of photographic equipment that use a 1/4-inch screw. With the help of a universal interface to 1/4-inch thread, it can connect with any external equipment that has an action camera universal interface. The quick-release design makes the installation fast and convenient.

  1. Why there are two openings on each side?

The two openings are designed to match the mounts with the quick-release plate.

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