1. What products are included in the PGYTECH OSMO ACTION Travel Set?

The PGYTECH Action Camera Extension Pole Tripod, Carrying Case, Action Camera Strap Holder, and Rubber Case (Blue).


  1. Is there enough space in the carrying case to store OSMO Action filters and the floating hand grip?



  1. Will the microphone be affected by the camera cage?

The built-in microphone will be affected, but the potential effects on the external microphone are unknown because the audio adapter is not released yet.


  1. Can the PGYTECH OSMO Camera Cage work with a tripod?

Yes, it can mount to a tripod with a cold shoe to ¼-inch thread or a PGYTECH Action Camera ¼-thread.


  1. Is it necessary to detach the camera cage first before charging the OSMO Action?

No, there is an open space on the cage’s side for power delivery.


  1. Will the installation of a camera cage affect the attachment of filters?



  1. Can the OSMO Action be stored in the Carrying Case Mini with camera cage installed?



  1. When using a camera cage, can the side cover of the OSMO Action be opened?

Yes, there is an open space on the cage’s side for power delivery, connections with microphones, or to replace a storage card.


  1. Can the PGYTECH OSMO Action camera cage be used underwater?