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MAVIC AIR 2 Landing Gear Extensions

Protects the aircraft and lens

Elevating your Mavic Air 2 35mm, it prevents damage to camera gimbals and stains to drones or lenses.
It also allows you to land and take off in uneven terrain.

Quick disassembly

The Landing Gear Extensions have an easy snap-on
installation and quick disassembly design.
The anti-release buckle and TPU soft rubber
prevent it from slipping off the drone.

Light yet stable

Made from aviation grade aluminium materials,
the landing extensions are light and won't affect
drone performance. They're strong, robust and
even wear/scratch resistant. Equipped
with silicone, shock absorbing foot pads,
it ensures a stable landing and take off.

Designed for Mavic Air 2, coordinate and beautiful

  • Installation

  • Detachment

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