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Ronin S/SC handgrip mount

Better ergonomics at low viewing angles

Better ergonomics enable a lower viewing angle, making it less strenuous to use the Ronin for an extended period of time or while walking. Works with any small tripod type (DJI original tripod, PGYTECH T2 tripod, or 3rd party tripod)

Innovative NATO rail quick release design

Innovative NATO rail with quick-snap joint, for faster disassembly and assembly.

Arri positioning holes

Dedicated Arri positioning holes create a more secure and reliable connection of peripherals.

Ample extension interfaces

Comes with extensions for 3 Arrii positioning 1/4 interfaces and two cold shoe interfaces. Enables you to mount an external monitor, smartphone and external microphone at the same time.

High-strength aluminum alloy material

The product is made of high-strength, CNC machined aluminum alloy for superior strength and durability while still being lightweight.

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