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Affiliate Program Rules

The PGYTECH Affiliate Program has been created for distributors and fans of PGYTECH to help create an extra income stream through sharing our products on their social networks. Here are some rules to keep in mind when participating in the Affiliate Program.

How to become a PGYTECH Affiliate

Anyone who signs up and adheres to our rules can join our affiliate program. First, sign up on this page to create a free account to receive a unique link and code by email. Afterwards, share your personal link with accompanying code across your social networks to get a 10% revenue share from every purchase made through your referral link.


By participating in the PGYTECH Affiliate Program you are subjected to the Affiliate Program rules, which were designed to guarantee the fairness and benefits to all affiliates, customers and PGYTECH partners involved. If any violation of the rules (intentionally or accidentally) or suspicious activity is found, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel your account. Consequently, we may then alter your commission.

The following rules were designed to cultivate fair and favorable conditions. Please read them carefully.

Affiliate Program Policies Terms

  • 1. It is not allowed to post your affiliate link publicly.

    This program is designed for influencers to create an extra source of income by sharing our products with their audience. Your affiliate link should therefore not be found when using Google or any other search engine when terms like 'discount' are used. A public posting of your affiliate link is a violation of this agreement and will lead to termination of your account and/or changes to the commission you will receive.

  • 2. When sharing, make sure that your link/code will not show up in coupon aggregation and/or other third party websites.

    This rule applies to both you and your audience so make sure that anyone reposting your affiliate link does so without using public websites to avoid your account getting suspended or canceled.

  • 3. Only private channels that you own or manage can share your personal affiliate link.

    Private channels such as your YouTube channel, email newsletter to your subscribers or posting your personal affiliate link on a restricted section on your website are all recommended.

  • 4. You need to let us know which channels you use to post your affiliate link/code on.

    Please go to our Affiliate Program Application and let us know which websites/socials you use to post your affiliate link on. If any suspicious activity is found, we will reach out to you, so please keep us informed where your unique link/code is posted on.

  • 5. It is not allowed to use digital advertising like Facebook ads or AdWords containing your affiliate link/code.

    To protect the brand image of PGYTECH, any third-party promotion that pretends to be the brand is not allowed.

  • 6. You will receive the commission once a month at the end of the month.

    The commission will be paid once the total amount exceeds 100 dollars.

  • 7. We recommend that you use a PayPal account to receive the commission in USD.

    By using PayPal there are no payment fees.

  • 8. We reserve the right to change the commission, processing procedures and/or payout schedule at any time for any reason.

    We are happy to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions. Please send us an email at

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