Action Camera Floating Hand Grip FAQs

  1. Why choose the PGYTECH action camera floating hand grip?

The PGYTECH action camera floating hand grip offers a better handheld experience during underwater photography. Its floating body and wrist-strap attachment keep the camera above the surface of the water and prevent it from sinking. A recognizable red rear cover made from aeronautic aluminum can help you easily find the floating hand grip underwater.

  1. What action cameras is the PGYTECH action camera floating hand gripcompatible with?

The universal interface can work with GoPro, OSMO Action, OSMO pocket, Xiaoyi, and all other action cameras with a GoPro universal interface.

  1. Is the PGYTECH action camera floating hand gripcompatible with a DJI original locking screw?

When using a PGYTECH floating hand grip, you do not need to use the original locking screw. Please use the PGYTECH pin.

  1. Can the floating hand gripbe used on land?

Yes. Although the floating hand grip is designed for underwater photography, it is also a good handheld device for any scenario other than underwater shooting, with its superior quality to most related products, as well as its usage-based and customer-oriented design.

  1. What is the maximum diving depth?

Its underwater abilities reaches 60 meters.

  1. Will OSMO ACTION or GoPro sink with the use of the floating hand grip?

No, the floating hand grip utilizes a hollow-sealed design with underwater buoyancy taken into consideration, which prevents the equipment from sinking even if it accidentally slips out of your hands.