Which camera bag do you choose? OneMo vs. OneGo

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Which camera bag do you choose?

OneMo vs. OneGo

OneGo and OneMo backpacks are PGYTECH’s highly treasured products. It’s really hard for us to choose which one is superior over the other. Different individuals have different needs so why not see for yourself which one you’d like best. What follows is a comparison between the OneMo and OneGo.OneGo Backpack VS OneMo BackpackOneGo Backpack VS OneMo Backpack

OneMo vs. OneGo

OneMo is a two-in-one bag and so perfect for longer trips. It can easily hold enough gear for extended shooting days. Take out the removable pouch if you only want to bring the essentials.

OneMo camera backpack


The stylish OneGo is more of an everyday bag. Its sleek looks are perfect for work, relaxation, travel and everything in-between.

 OneGo camera backpack


What gear do you have?

Customizable interior can hold it all.

Drones, gimbals, cameras, lenses, 16 inch laptops, accessories, external accessory straps.

OneMo has dedicated pockets for gimbals and has an impressive expandable capacity from 25L to 35L.

OneGo’s everyday use bag holds up to 18L and features dedicated pockets for your essentials and valuables.


Useful and comfortable

OneMo has weight dispersing chest, waist and shoulder straps, which are all individually adjustable.

OneGo uses the innovative AIRLIFT system, which makes it perfect for commutes. Honeycomb structured TPR padding reduces the pressure up to 50% and the AirFiber" back panel creates much ventilation and an overall sweat-free experience.


Perfect for on the go

OneMo has an easy access pocket on the side.

OneMo an easy access pocket


OneGo two side pockets for easy access and the bag can even open up a full 180°

OneGo camera backpack open up a full 180°


Where are you off to?

OneMo’s exterior is made from superior quality fabric, making it scratch, water and dust resistant. Also comes with an additional rain cover to provide you with extra protection during your adventures.

OneGo’s exterior fabric looks sleek enough to enable you to go from casual to more formal situations without having to change bags. Its PU coating makes is scratch, water and dust resistant.


Ergonomic details

OneMo’s dedicated battery pockets can be slid one way or other to indicate your battery level.

 OneMo battery pockets


OneGo has upgraded battery pockets that use a magnetic coin to indicate your battery power level, while also functioning as a 1/4”threaded quick release wrench.

OneGo battery pockets


A life-time warranty for both