Have boots and bag will travel: The OneMo backpack

A Post by: Julie Powell

OneMo backpack

If you’re pretty serious about your camera gear, at some stage you’ll probably find yourself getting pretty serious about your camera bags (plural). There just never seems to be the perfect bag for every situation … or is there?

OneMo backpack

The OneMo from PGYTECH

I was recently asked to check out the OneMo from PGYTech. This seemingly incredible backpack reminds me of the TARDIS from Dr. Who — it is so much bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside.

Onemo backpack Onemo backpack

We packed it full of gear, from the drone to a camera, plus lenses, filters, spare batteries, laptop and more and still had more room. It is 25L but it is expandable to 35L with the hidden zipper compartments.

onemo backpack onemo backpack onemo backpack

shoulder bag shoulder bag
onemo backpack

So much storage and comfort

There is room for pretty much everything you can imagine, we packed everything we needed for a day trip. Totaling over 17 pounds, the padding on the back, shoulder straps and chest straps made it comfortable to wear.

There are so many pockets, including anti-RFID for credit card security. There are pockets for batteries (that fit camera batteries, but not drone batteries), which have a full or empty indicator.

anti-RFID pocket batteries indicator

Clever ideas

Side pockets allow for easy access to your camera and drone, and there is a removable bag for your drone which can attach to the backpack and be used as a waist pouch. Or, add the shoulder strap and use it as a day bag.

We found it carried everything we needed for a day trip with our drone, controller and spare batteries. You can, of course, also use it as a camera bag for extra lenses and such.

onemo backpack onemo backpack onemo backpack

Comfortable and easy to wear

If you take this bag out and use as the waist bag option, you could easily load a change of clothes in the backpack too — perfect for an overnight trip.

Can’t fit a tripod and sleeping bag? There are so many straps and pouches you can attach a tripod on the side and hold in with supplied straps. You can even use straps to attach a sleeping bag on the backpack. There are clips for water bottles, too.

onemo backpack

There is also a pouch for accessories, phones, portable battery charger and a laptop. Everything is configurable by moving separators and compartments. The OneMo is sturdy, durable and water-resistant. It comes with its own rain cover and handles for easy pickup and carry, on top, side and the back.

And just when you think you have found all the zips, pockets and pouches, there is always just one more … I wonder if that’s why they called it OneMo?

The OneMo backpack starts at $199.