A Camera Bag System for Any Photographer: Fstoppers Reviews the Lowepro Expanded Protactic Utility System

Many camera bags are created for limited applications. Not all bags can be as useful for every shooting situation. However, this expansive camera bag system just might have covered most, if not all. 

Most camera bags come in forms that are suitable for specific genres of photography. It’s quite rare for camera bags to come in complete systems that suit almost any kind of use for any kind of shooting condition. The Lowepro Protactic line generally isn’t all too new. For years now, the Protactic backpacks have been the favorite of many photographers of almost every genre because of how the backpacks are able to adapt to their carrying needs. Lowepro recently updated this camera bag line with second-generation versions of their BP 350 AW and BP 450 AW backpacks and expanded the line into a fully evolved utility system. In this review, we take a look at the individual components of the Lowepro Protactic Utility System and see how they can be used in combination for different shooting needs.